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The Mutuba seed and oil is a treatment used traditionally in Africa to help in the enlargement of the penis size in men. The remedy originates from the foot hills of mountain Kilimanjaro that has been used for many years by the Masai people leaving in these areas to enlarge the size of their penis in order to improve sexual performance.
Mutuba seed and oil penis enlargement has been sold to many men all over the world who have been unhappy with their penis size, and general sexual performance.
The Mutuba seed and oil is natural with no side effects whatsoever it works naturally with someone’s body,
Since Mutuba seed has seen massive sales all over the world that means it works for all human races all over the world.
Mutuba works for all age groups even if you’re older. Sexual performance tends to go down when you get older but the Mutuba seed and oil will help you with your performance and feel younger again.
The Mutuba seed and oil not only address performance issue, but it helps to promote your bedroom performance.


It’s a natural and effective way of treatment commonly used in Africa to grow the size of your penis

You plant the seed either in the garden or in a pot

You can put it outside in the garden or in the pot in the house

You apply the Mutuba seed oil along the whole length of your penis once every day before you go to sleep

From 4 to 21 days As the seed grows so does your penis. When you get the size you want you destroy the plant and your penis will remain enlarged permanently

The Mutuba seed and oil will work for all age groups from early child hood to the age of 70 years in males.

Full Bahaza Penis Enlargement Cream and pills

Mulondo herbal cream

Full Bahaza Penis Enlargement Cream when used will help you enlarge the size of your penis, stop early ejaculation and make more rounds.

Penis enlargement

The full Bahaza cream increases the size of your penis both in length and thickness.

Stop early ejaculation

The full Bahaza cream when used with the pills will help you to be able to determine when you fill right for you to ejaculate hence putting you in control of your sexual performance.

Make more rounds

The full Bahaza cream and pills contains natural plant extracts which will help you to quickly jump from one round to another to give your partner and your self-maximum sexual satisfaction.

3 in 1 penis Combo

3 in 1 penis Combo

The penis enlargement cream is going to help you enlarge your penis both in length and thickness, stop early ejaculation, and make more rounds, the changes are permanent.

The cream is composed of herbal extracts which are very good in penis enhancement,

The 3 in 1 penis combo comes in 3 packages of deferent enhancement sizes

They all stop early ejaculation, make more rounds and increase the size of your penis permanently,

You get medium (30% increase), large (50% increase) and extra-large (100% increase) depending on how big you want your penis to be.

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